August 13th, 2021

грязный асфальт

Жертва врагов

Убитый Врагом народа Друг народа стал ещё и жертвою черного PR

По жизни гражданин Жан-Поль был умереннейшим политиком социаль-либерального толка, выступавший с лозунгами, которые сегодня являются общим местом, отрицать их для совр. политика будет означать немедленную политическую смерть.

Marat…whose threatening utterances in the Ami du Peuple were interpreted as proclaiming the wholesale redistribution of land and the immediate end to private property, was in fact assuming a frequently misunderstood role, which was that of safety valve ‘His fits of madness,’ wrote Levasseur de la Sarthe, ‘were not dangerous, yet at the same time, they were sort of democratic maximum beyond which it was not possible to venture.’ Indeed, Marat’s incendiary tone frequently masks a rational philosophical message, such as that the fruits of the earth were for all to enjoy, or each citizen had a right to be fed, clothed, and housed and to raise and establish his children decently, which did not imply an abandonment of human rights and should not have raised many brows among the revolutionary elite.

Gross, Jean-Pierre. Fair Shares for All: Jacobin Egalitarianism in Practice. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1997. Print.