everstti_rymin (everstti_rymin) wrote,

Сверкая блеском стали. Ностальгическое и Недоумевающее


...Soviet T84s and quad-barrelled flak-wagons advance through the German countryside spewing lethal chemicals and tactical nuclear weapons, leaving a living hell in their wake. The Third Battle of Frankfurt has begun in a savage frenzy of blood and fire as superpowers use superweapons to fight for control of Western Europe.

American Major Revell and British Sergeant Hyde of the joint NATO strike force have their orders: delay the Communist column. But Revell will be damned if he'll risk the lives of his men just to buy a few lousy minutes. He'll do more than delay the column—he'll destroy it! Only a madman would take on Shilka anti-aircraft tanks with some outdated mines and a few Dragon rocket launchers. But insanity is a way of life amid the carnage and chaos...


Ах, старый добрый 85-й год! Но почему Партия&Правительство... не поощряли создание подобного рода... художественной литературы?

После того, как описание будущей войны в бестселлере Н.Н.Шпанова оказалось — не совсем адекватным? П&П решили больше подобную фантастику не издавать? Неисчислимы преступления коммунистического режима против Свободы творчества
Tags: былое и думы, кругЪ чтенiя

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