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Manizha Lyrics

Vanya, you've lost your money
You've lost your wife
You've lost your job
But you still alive

Vanya, Vanya
Don't be sad, Vanya
Even if sometimes life is a bitch

But you cannot ditch

What you thinking
Хватит думать, Ваня
К черту деньги
Don't be angry
Make it happen, Vanya
It's your body
Слушай, Ваня
When Manizha's knocking
When you crying
When you sorrow
It's amnesia talking
With you
Hey-hey, with you

Слушай, Ваня
And follow this rules

I'm an exception
To your misconception
Born to myself
I see no one's direction
I write my shizz
I don't play with no playas
Get in my crib
Better study your manners
My contraception
Is people like you
Thirsty and hungry
I know what to do
Bringing it back to планета Земля

Ман духтарчаи осмони замин
My dictionary will never run thin
I started running dis shit
Now I am rapping this song
My native soul is spiritual
When I express myself
I give it all
I give it all
I give it all
I give it, I give it, I give it all

When I was born I was johhny bobosh
Never expect me to cook for you osh
Борщ картошка селедка котлеты
(Fuck)... patriarchy
Я совсем не про это
Слушай, оставь здесь свои траляля
Задача на завтра

(Ой Ваня-Ваня...)

You know, Vanya
The only one thing you need to know
Cuz the truth
Truth is your сила

Truth is your сила...

Наше редакционное жюри оценило выступление как pizdets.
Truth is your сила, дорогие друзья.
Tags: durdom

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